Product of the Month: ALR Series Actuators

Engine Mounted Reverse Acting Linear Actuators

ALR160 Series
ALR190 Series
  • Simple to install—mounts in place of existing shutdown solenoid, no brackets, no linkages
  • Spring return to minimum fuel
  • Maintenance-free and cost-effective
  • Sealed actuator
  • Field-proven on a broad range of customer applications
  • High-performance linear bearings
  • High temperature with a compact design
  • Extremely fast response

The ALR Series Electronic Linear Integral Actuators mount directly to the engine’s fuel pump in place of the electronic stop solenoids. These products exhibit high-quality construction and are designed for high-temperature operation. GAC’s unique linear electromechanical technology provides proportional actuator movement, based on actuator coil current. GAC uses precision linear ball bearings instead of bushings, and a minimum number of moving parts to improve response, precision and reliability.

ALR Series Actuators are compatible with a variety of GAC analog and digital speed controllers. Two of the most popular system combinations pair an ALR actuator with the EEC328 controller or the EEG7000 digital speed controller.

Commonly Paired Speed Controllers

Compatible with all GAC light force (lower current supported) speed controllers, our popular controllers are the EEC328 (requiring no MSP) and the EEG7000, a workhorse that supports everything.

EEC328-12/24 Light Force
  • Low Current Optimized PID
  • Isochronous operation
  • No magnetic speed pickup required
  • Adjustable From 40 to 80 Hz
  • Rugged hard potted design
  • Gain and stability adjustments
  • Lower system cost
EEG7000 Enhanced Electric Governor
  • Mini ECUTSC1 Control Capable with Diagnostic Messages (DM)
  • J1939 TSC1 Capability
  • Isochronous, Variable or Customizable Droop
  • 3 Fixed or Variable Speeds with Direct 0-5 V, 5 kὩ, or 4-20 mA Input
  • USB Port for Configuration with Free GAC Software
  • Engine Hour Meter and Service Timer
  • Built-in Speed Switch Output for Crank or Overspeed
  • Black Smoke Reduction, Speed Ramp Control, Load Sharing / Synchronizing Option and Cummins EFC Capable
  • Fully Sealed, IP67

Application Notes: ALR Solutions

Mitsubishi S4L2

The GAC SDG514 smart digital controller, combined with an ALR190-M05-12 integrated linear actuator, provides complete control of a Mitsubishi S4L2 engine, which powers a series of compact diesel welders.  The ALR190-M04-12 (reverse acting, pull actuator) connects directly to the Bosch fuel pump replacing the stop solenoid for seamless integration and incredible transient response.  In addition, the SDG514 supports customer-specific settings so that every engine off the line performs the same. 


Caterpillar C2.2, C1.5 and C1.7

ALR190 Series Actuator and EEG6550 Speed Controller provides a complete Electronic Governing System for a Caterpillar C2.2 engine.  The EEG6550 digital controller provides speed ramping control to significantly reduce visible exhaust smoke as the engine accelerates under load.  The controller has the light force option that scales the PID governor range of adjustment for these small, low current actuators providing the best resolution for ease of tuning these governor response parameters.


Puma Ocean Racing

The Puma Ocean Racing Team installed a Perkins N844 four-cylinder engine to adjust the keel on one of their sailboats. GAC’s ALR160-S04 actuator and SDG725 Smart Digital Governor support the application, which requires a fast, compact and flexible variable speed system that can be controlled from above or below deck. The ALR160 actuator replaced the PF pump shut-off solenoid, acting directly on the fuel control rack. Sea trials found this control system exceeded all expectations, sending the customer off to the races.


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