GAC Training

Did you know that GAC offers sales and application training?  Tailored to your needs, GAC application engineers can walk you through the latest application solutions as well as provide refreshers on tried-and-true offerings that outlast the engine application.  Choose from a selection of information or ask for your own needs. GAC is here to help.

Product of the Month: EEG6500 / EEG6550 Enhanced Electronic Governor

  • Simplified LCD User Interface
  • Selectable Isochronous or Customizable Droop Governing
  • 2 Fixed Speeds (Rated/Idle) and Variable Speed
  • Adjustable Starting Fuel Strategy (Black Smoke Reduction)
  • Speed Ramping (Any Transient Speed Change)
  • AUX Input for Synchronizing and Load Sharing
  • Selectable AUX Input Polarity
  • Configurable Speed Switch
  • 5K Ω resistive, 0-5 V DC or 4-20 mA Variable Speed Input
  • Selectable Light Force Governor – EFC Compatible
  • Hour Meter
  • Service Reset Hour Meter
  • J1939 Engine Speed Output Variable Speed/Load Input with Service Info and Fault Condition

Application of the Month

PSP Engines, of Humble Texas, converted a number of Caterpillar 2.2 engines to electronic governing.  They selected the GAC EEG6550 Digital Governor, ALR190-P04-12 actuator and an MSP6741 magnetic speed sensor for the systems for optimum performance and ease of installation.  The ALR190 series actuator mounts directly onto the fuel injection pump in place of the electric shut-off solenoid, and directly engages the fuel control rack.  No external linkages or mounting bracketry required.

The EEG6550 digital governor was selected for having the most applicable combination of features.  These engines will be installed as water pump drives and the speed ramping control significantly reduces visible exhaust smoke as the engine accelerates under load.  The Light Force governor feature scales the PID governor’s range of adjustment for these small, low current actuators providing the best resolution for ease of tuning the governor response parameters.

The conversion included two MSP6741 speed sensors shown threaded into the bell housing.

Tip of the Month : Controlling Black Exhaust Smoke at Engine Start-up

One of the most obvious issues with standby gen-sets is the large plume of black exhaust smoke emitted during engine startup and acceleration.  Many standard electronic governors over-fuel the engine to guarantee starting; the bigger the engine the worse the problem.  If you have multiple engines on site that all start at the same time in response to a mains failure, the amount of black smoke emitted can be very severe. 

GAC offers a reliable, proven solution, that eliminates black smoke emissions from gen-sets equipped with mechanical fuel injection systems.  A variety of digital and analog governor controllers include adjustable START FUEL and SPEED RAMPING features that enable the optimum compromise between start time, acceleration and visual exhaust smoke.

The START FUEL feature sets the initial actuator position (delivered fuel quantity) at the start of cranking and is adjustable from 0 to 100 %.  The SPEED RAMPING adjustment sets the rate of acceleration and deceleration between idle and rated speed.  These parameters can be applied to both constant and variable speed applications.

GAC Speed Controllers with Adjustable START FUEL and SPEED RAMPING Features

EDG6000ESD5330 / 5340
EEG6550ESD5500E, ESD5520E,
EEG7000ESD5522E, ESD5522E, ESD5528E
EEG7500ESD5550, 5550M

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