When a 500+ bed hospital in London called for an upgrade to its standby generator, a Perkins 4016TAG V16 engine, the GAC ACB2001 actuator and ESD5330 electronic speed controller was selected for the governing system.  Powerful enough to control the engine under no-load and full-load conditions, the parallel tests demonstrated the system’s ability to reliably synchronize and parallel the gen-set to the grid.

The ESD5330 speed controller accurately controls engine speed and provides a fast precise response to transient load changes.  With a powerful actuator drive circuit, the ESD5330 is specifically designed to work with the ACB2001 actuator which delivers 12 Ft-Lbs. [16.3 N·m] of torque over 35° of shaft rotation.

1 week after fitting the GAC system, the local authority authorized a paralleling test of the genset to ensure the system ran reliably under no-load and full-load conditions. Test trials proved 100% successful, successfully providing 1.1 MW of electrical power to the grid on a twice weekly basis with no reported failures.


Product of the Month: EEG7000

EEG7000 Enhanced Electronic Digital Speed Controller

  • Mini-ECUTSC1 Control Capable with Diagnostic Messages (DM)
  • Isochronous, Variable, or Customizable Droop Governing
  • 3 Fixed Speeds or Variable Speed with Direct 0-5 V, 5 Ky, or 4-20 mA Input
  • Built-in USB Port for Easy Configuration with Free Software
  • Engine Hour Meter and Service Timer
  • Built-in Speed Switch Output for Crank or Overspeed
  • Black Smoke Reduction, Speed Ramp Control, Load Sharing / Synchronizing Option and Cummins EFC Capable.
  • Fully Sealed, IP67

The EEG7000 Enhanced Electronic Digital Speed Controller is designed to precisely control engine speed and provide a fast precise response to transient engine loads for diesel and gaseous fueled engines. When paired with a GAC actuator the EEG is a significant upgrade for any mechanical governor system that needs flexibility, precision or accurate speed control.

The EEG is designed for industrial engine applications from generator sets, mechanical drives, pumps compressors and off-road mobile equipment.

The EEG7000 is programmed using our free software, the GAConfig Tool , consolidating the most popular features into one user friendly package. It can be controlled directly over J1939 and is completely compatible with Comap, Dynagen, and Murphy, offering a solution for every application.


Tip of the Month : WHAT GAIN LOOKS LIKE

Sometimes fine tuning the system can be frustrating.  Some say they can hear when the engine is at that sweet spot. Others use technology to reach that spot.

So what does GAIN look like.

Gain provides a proportional response to the rate of RPM change. 

Higher gain offers faster proportional response, but also higher overshoot. Lower gain offers slower proportional response.

When tuning, always set Gain at no load and adjust if needed, as load is applied.

Steady instability should respond to GAIN control.



At GAC we strive to improve our quality.  Our recently purchased coordinate measuring machine (CMM), the Aims Revolution® HB Shop Floor 8.10.6 with a PH20 probe head, brings top of the line CMM inspection in-house with extreme detail. “Our 0.5 mm tip with unlimited articulation allows for rapid, high accuracy measurements” says Amos Bliesener.  This is critical for quality assurance in all industries.

The CMM traces parts on three axes of the machine’s coordinate system where the probe measures points on the part, with each point being unique, providing precise, reliable, repeatable inspections under all shop floor conditions.  


Many of you would know the voice, but now meet the man.

Arni Atlason, Senior Applications Engineer at Governors America Corp. (GAC), took the Oath of Allegiance, becoming an American citizen in January.  Arni’s journey to America started with his journey to GAC in 2000 when he began using GAC solutions in his engine installations.  Arni, a chief engineer in the fishing industry, visited GAC for training and was impressed. “Iceland is very Americanized, but I was impressed and thought this would be an amazing place to work.”  While visiting GAC Arni met Bill Ferry, GAC’s founder and Brig. Gen. (Dr.) Sean T. Collins, now owner and president of GAC.  “I had never met a soldier.  There was something magical about it for me. I felt honored to meet him.”  

Many years later Arni decided it was time for a change. “The thought of working for GAC stuck with me all those years. When I sent out my intent to look for a new job Bill Ferry replied right away.  GAC was so welcoming. People here in the U.S. are so friendly and open.”  Eventually Arni’s wife joined him, and both applied to become citizens. His wife was summoned first for her test in November 2020. They drove 2 hours to Lawrence MA for the interview, and due to Covid, Arni waited in the car while his wife went in for her test, returning a new U.S. citizen.  It was another year before Arni was summoned. “Good things happen slowly” said Arni.  Arni felt privileged receiving his Oath of Allegiance with Federal Court Judge Mark G. Mastroianni in Springfield MA. “It was worth the wait, it felt so much more official.”

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